Dreaming of RVing? Spent hours researching?
NOW is the time to make it a reality!

30+ rv experts. 4 days. 100% free to watch live from home.


Full-Time Freedom Week is more than a blog series or digital summit.

It’s a completely one-of-a-kind and effective 4-day mega-event

that teaches everything you need to know to become (and remain!) a successful RVer.


During Full-Time Freedom Week you can learn…

  • how others are doing it

  • Tips for purchasing an rv (used vs new, rv types, inspection)

  • How to manage life on the road (family, pets, downsizing, logistics) .

  • DIY rv (maintenance, renovations, solar install)

  • your rv style (part-time vs. full-time, working vs retirement)

  • working on the road (remote jobs, workamping)

  • Finding community while traveling

  • RVing to Alaska & traveling outside the country

…and more!

november 5 - 8, 2019

Because we believe the open road is for everyone and we want to show you the way.

Whether you’re still at home dreaming or on the road feeling like you need a little help to make RVing easier, we’ve got your back.


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This virtual event is not like any other summit or conference you’ve attended! It was specifically created to …

  • Bring together RV dreamers, travelers, and industry experts

  • Provide excellent content as a community

  • Learn how to redesign your life for the better

  • Allow you to watch videos on your own time

  • Have the opportunity to win GIVEAWAYS!



The videos throughout the event will cover…

  • Purchasing and maintaining an RV

  • Building community on the road - for solo RVers, families, and RVers of all types!

  • The financial side of full-time RVing: making money and saving money on the road

  • Full-time RVing for families: children, road-schooling, pets

  • Helpful RV memberships, gear reviews, renovations/modifications

  • Transitioning and overcoming challenges of life on the road

…and so much more!



During our 2nd annual event last year, we …

  • Produced over 40 hours of video content

  • Helped connect RVers and build relationships

  • Equipped hundreds of people with the inspiration, knowledge, practical tips and resources necessary to discover more about RVing and the lifestyle—and get on the road!



The creators of the event and all speakers are so excited to share every bit of knowledge and encouragement they have to offer. This event is…

  • Run by full-time RVers and features full-time RVers

  • Not just a way to promote products or market to you

  • For both current and aspiring RVers

  • A project put together by people who genuinely love RVing and want to share and grow the lifestyle.

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2019 Featured Speakers:

Full-Time Freedom Week was entertaining and educational. The agenda was packed with great content, there was something for everyone. I really enjoyed hearing everyone’s story and how others have approached full-time RVing. The training package was such a great value, I could not pass it up. My personal favorite was How to Transition to Remote Work and Night Photography.
— Chris Ratcliff
Full-Time Freedom Week was a game changer for us!!! It was inspirational and educational. We had just decided that we were going to sell everything, buy an RV and travel full-time when I found it (FT Freedom Week). I truly believe that we would not have been on the road as soon, or as ready if we had not participated! I would recommend this week to anyone in the planning stages or considering RVing...you will be so glad you did!
— Melissa Bottordd-Arey